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Marita Lumi artist practice is concentrating on the narratives and the organic world that surrounds us. Lumi believes that life is to tell stories. More we have more protected we are. The night spent with friends illustrates well how the stories never end and the way we learn in the schools when we have a good teacher. Jewellery has been as old as a human being and because of the traditional origin of jewellery Lumi always creates the narratives and metaphors around classical definition where a jewellery must protect and adorn its wearer in 2 senses. First, of course it must suit as an external definition of jewellery, it has to be beautiful. This is the sense where the jewellery has its fashionable look. But secondly is the sense where  the jewellery has to help his wearer to find the strength in his path, it is traditional. For example wearing strong and classical symbols make us feel stronger and better. If we feel more confident, then we speak louder, talk what we think , we are more honest, it all makes us more opened to the world and that what makes us more beautiful for the universe.
Luminée is a unique and conceptual jewelry brand, handmade by Marita Lumi out of precious metals and minerals.  All the works are with different narratives that would support our everyday life, make ourselves to be more curious and open-minded. If we are open-minded, we would be even more beautiful in the Universe.