In the end of December, in January and February i was learning as an Erasmus entrepreneur
in Vilnensis Jewellery School in Vilnius I must admit i hadf an amasing time, ofcourse an intensive and funny as well, the school was very strong as their teachers were. 

I learnt to do Pavé, that is like i fully shining plate, I during the time I made 3 rings in different techniques and big earrings as can be seen on the picture. 
Well i wifh they were all in gold and diamonds, at the moment they are in silver and saphires and zircons. As I like to say, there must be always natural minerals, from the deph of the core,  on it. 

During the time I had as well exhibition jungle event opening and skirt harp concert in the gallery . 

As well during the time I made about 10 000 photoes of the works of teachers and students and school life. Started a school instagram , that can be followed @jewelryschoolvilnensis, But don t forget to follow me as well in instagram @luminee_jewelley
See You soon!

Romanticisin metalwork some shoot from my pave and from students working in this school.